Blue Gem Turquoise Jewelry, Blue Gem Turquoise Mine

South of Battle Mountain in Lander County, Nevada sits the highly respected Blue Gem Turquoise Mine. Originally opened in 1934 and now closed, this large mine produced a plentiful variety of turquoise in a plethora of colors ranging through the blue-green spectrum. Its stones are also particularly valued for their hardness. The glassy or translucent look with the occasional spec of pyrite found in Blue Gem turquoise jewelry remains very appealing to jewelers and collectors alike.

The plans for the Blue Gem Turquoise Mine do not call for any further production. As matter of fact, the remaining turquoise has been depleted with increased gold ore mining. As a result, the turquoise remaining in Blue Gem is a relative afterthought in favor of more highly profitable metals. The Blue Gem Turquoise mine may have life remaining in regards to copper or gold mining, but it seems apparent that its turquoise days are over, meaning that there is a limited quantity of Blue Gem turquoise jewelry to be found. Due to its outstanding quality and increasing scarcity, Blue Gem turquoise jewelry is very valued by collectors.