Kingman Turquoise Jewelry, Kingman Turquoise Mine

The Kingman Mine area was first mined for turquoise by the Navajos dating back to 600 AD. On the Northwestern border of Arizona, the Kingman Turquoise Mine is an enormous open pit mine that has turned out a great quantity of quality turquoise. The Kingman mine, defined by its turquoise nuggets, displays the hue of an energized blue in contrast with its black matrix. While still an electric blue, the high-grade Kingman turquoise shows a gorgeous silver matrix.

Shutdown during the 1970s, the Kingman mine revived operations and reopened in 2004. The Kingman mine provided a large amount of turquoise to the Native American jewelry market throughout the second half of the twentieth century. Sometimes referred to as a high blue, the Kingman nuggets are a magnificent contributor to modern turquoise.