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Pic of the Day – Kingman Turquoise Cabochons

Since we’re great lovers of turquoise in general, and turquoise jewelry in particular, we are periodically going to share great pictures we find of both. Today’s pic is of a stunning group of Kingman Turquoise cabochons (cabochon, for the uninitiated, means a polished finished gemstone), courtesy of Garlands Jewelry. Kingman Turquoise has been used by the Navajos in their jewelry since 600 AD when they starting harvesting from the legendary Kingman Turquoise open-pit mine in Arizona, and is recognized by its electric blue hues traced with black matrix, and is some of the best blue turquoise you’re likely to find. Very high-grade Kingman turquoise has a silver matrix, making for a stunning mixture of electric blue and silver, which makes for some truly gorgeous turquoise jewelry.

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