Number 8 Turquoise Jewelry, Number 8 Turquoise Mine

Number 8 Turquoise is a highly prized turquoise stone used in all types of traditional, contemporary, and Native American jewelry. It is valued for its trademark spider-web matrix of various shades of gold, black, and brown that lace through its unique powder blue stone. With the Number 8 Turquoise mine has been depleted since 1961 and with limited reserves of this stone in existence, Number 8 turquoise jewelry is one of the most valuable and appreciated stones by collectors.

Formed within its host rocks of quartz, chert, and shale, the Number 8 Turquoise Mine provided a consistent amount of valuable large nuggets in its years of production. Located west of the Tuscarora Range in the Lynn Mining District in Nevada, the turquoise from the Number 8 mine consistently displays a light blue color with an attractive spider-web matrix of various shades of black, brown, and gold.

From 1925 to 1929, the Number 8 mine churned out a vast amount of nodular formed turquoise. While this particular deposit’s turquoise depleted, the owners of the mine, the Edgar brothers, discovered another deposit of beautiful turquoise containing a spider-web matrix. The Number 8 Turquoise Mine yielded possibly one of the largest nodules known to man, a 150-pound behemoth of turquoise. With less than 10% of the Number 8 turquoise in quality form, a high value is placed on quality stones.