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Pendant necklaces, particularly turquoise pendants, have been popular for as long as people have crafted jewelry for personal adornment. Due to its beautiful colors and relatively soft nature, turquoise has a rich history as the centerpiece of pendant necklaces through history. Turquoise necklaces have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs going back as far as 3500 B.C. Many cultures have long believed that turquoise has strong mystical powers related to health, luck, money and protection from evil spirits. These cultures incorporated turquoise into various necklace designs, and turquoise pendants can be found throughout history as talismans worn to harness these mystical properties. The oldest turquoise pendants were very simple, utilizing crude leather cords and rough turquoise stones. As people became more skilled in metalworking, turquoise was commonly inlaid in silver and other metals for more artistic and varied styles of pendant necklaces. Whether the turquoise pendant utilizes a simple stone or a complex inlaid pattern in silver, both leather cords and chains of various metals can complement it nicely.

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White Buffalo Turquoise – Pic of the Day

white buffalo turquoise pendantWhite buffalo turquoise is not actually turquoise, but is commonly lumped into the turquoise family since it was discovered in a turquoise mine and undergoes a very similar mineralization process as “regular turquoise.”  It’s so named as it is “as rare as a white buffalo” and is increasingly used in Native American and Southwestern jewelry, and is widely considered as part of the turquoise jewelry family.  This beautiful white buffalo turquoise pendant is brought to us by www.SilverTribe.com and is our Pic of the Day.

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