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Through the centuries the wristwatch has served as both a convenient timekeeper and as a fashion statement, particularly for men who often adorn no other jewelry. Turquoise watches have become popular as an accent, and as replacement for bracelets. Both the watch face and band can incorporate turquoise gracefully. The most popular styles of band on turquoise watches are leather, metal, and beaded.


Leather Watch Band

Leather bands are one of the most simple and efficient watchbands for the turquoise watch. They are traditionally worn in earth tones ranging from tans to dark browns. When paired with a turquoise watch face, these display a rugged but fashionable statement. The bands can be dyed more eclectic colors as well for more attention-grabbing but casual looks. A popular version of the turquoise watch is the studded leather band. This combines the natural look of leather with the charm of turquoise, and occasionally with silver as well. Similar in style to concho belts, the styling is American Indian inspired styling. These are great to show off your individual styling. Appropriate for some formal events with still present rugged undertones.

Metal Watch Band

Metal bands are the most versatile style of watchband in terms of styling, ranging from a narrow band of silver with one or two stones to bold clusters of turquoise. They can be cuff-style or flexible to conform to the wearer’s wrist. Much of the styling for these watches comes from American Indian designs. Because both silver and turquoise are compatible with many skin tones, anyone can wear these styles. They are great accents when you don’t want to feel over dressed during casual events, and don’t want to feel underdressed for formal events.


Beaded Turquoise Watch Band

Differing from leather and metal, beaded bands are not set on a base material. Instead, they are dependant on beadwork to support the watch face. Depending on the size of the watch face, a double strand turquoise watch band will support it elegantly. Bolder styles may have two or more strands with larger stones to draw more attention. This styling is the most playful of styles, and should be worn for casual or informal occasions. Available in both stretch and adjustable lengths, this style allows for a snug but comfortable fit for your turquoise watch.

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