12 Karat Gold Filled Sterling Silver Coral Navajo Eagle Key Chain AX102431



Sterling silver, 12 Karat Gold Filled, and real Coral. 


Key chain measures approximately 2-1/8" long (including ring) and 7/8" at widest point.


You will absolutely fall in love with this stunning key chain! This piece of Native American jewelry is Navajo hand crafted by artist B. Tom, out of genuine sterling silver, 12 Karat Gold Filled, along with a real Coral. The stone is carefully set in hand cut bezel, while forming the eye of an eagle. 12 Karat Gold Filled portrays the beak of the eagle and adds a stylish look to the piece. In Native American beliefs, the eagle is the master of the sky; he is considered to be a carrier of prayers. Many of the Indian Nations admire the eagle for bravery and special connections to the creator. The key chain is hallmarked. 

Corals are known to be very soothing and very protective. Coral is of an organic origin; it is the skeletal remains of marine animals called Coral Polyps. Colonies of these tiny creatures build branching structures as they grow, gradually forming reefs and atolls. 

12KGF is as good as gold; it will never fade, change, or wear off color. It is 12K gold on top of brass and other metals, which create a gold tone with a finish all the way through, same behavior as gold.

SKU AX102431
Material Details Sterling silver, 12 Karat Gold Filled, and real Coral.
Measurements and Info Key chain measures approximately 2-1/8" long (including ring) and 7/8" at widest point.
Stamped By Artist
Categories Keychains
Artist B. Tom
Tribe Navajo
Key Chain Info For extra strength and durability certain parts of the key ring are made out of nickel!
Setting Type Single Stone
Number Of Stones One
Item Color Red
Item Color Primary Coral
Item Color Secondary 12 Karat Gold Filled
Animal or Symbol Eagle

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