Boulder Turquoise Jewelry


High-quality Boulder Turquoise stones are hard to come by and they will always be a unique addition to anyone's jewelry collection.

The most common feature of Boulder Turquoise jewelry is the beautiful vein-like structure of blue coursing through the pale white coloration on the main stone. For this reason, it's also called Ribbon Turquoise. The pattern is reminiscent of a free-flowing river or a cascading ribbon; this stone makes a lasting impression on anyone that sees it. The reason for color variation in this rare type of stone is from the small cracks in the rock. From there, the turquoise changes with mineral content. Each mine containing this beautiful stone has its own unique ecosystem with different minerals seeping into the source stone over thousands of years. This is why the stone varies from a beautiful eggshell white to a darker brown, but usually has striking lines of traditional blue throughout.


This type of stone is found in the famous Royston Mines in Nevada. Unlike most other turquoise types that are identified by their mine origins (e.g. Kingman Turquoise comes from the Kingman Mine), the uniqueness of the turquoise patterns that map through beautiful and varied brown stones is what gives Boulder Turquoise jewelry its distinctive name and flair.

The Stone Today

What sets this stone apart is the unique pattern. Most collectors and crafters want to work with pure unaltered gems and stones directly from nature. While most other turquoise stones are one solid color, these have a very distinct and natural design which have made them quite popular in the last few years.

Boulder Turquoise

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