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TurquoiseJewelry believes high-quality jewelry is a stunning complement to any outfit. They can accentuate certain features or colors in your ensemble or simply make your own features more noticeable. To make sure your turquoise looks just as glossy, shiny, and smooth as the day you bought them, TurquoiseJewelry has all the tips and tricks you'll need to care for them, on our resources page.
TurquoiseJewelry also gives you the meaning behind each piece. The artistry and cultural significance that goes into our jewelry is important to know when choosing a piece that best represents your individuality.
Our resources page is helpful if you're shopping for friends and family as well. TurquoiseJewelry has the information to match your loved one with the perfect gift. All these values and tools are part of the TurquoiseJewelry customer service philosophy. We want to make sure you're getting the best experience along with the best jewelry. The only way for TurquoiseJewelry to help you get quality deals is by arming you with the knowledge and resources that have made us successful over the years.
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Gemstone Information

TurquoiseJewelry utilizes a wide variety of gemstones in our jewelry pieces. Each of them has their own rich history and geology that are important to understand for maintenance and care.
A gemstone is naturally vibrant so you're likely to be asked by friends and family about the gems you wear. Reading the information below, you'll not only know the origin, source, and even the minerals that came together to form the gemstone, but you'll also be able to give expert advice to your friends and family when they invest in these stunning pieces. Learn more about any gemstone by browsing our TurquoiseJewelry pages and the specific gemstone resources below.
Blue Gem Turquoise
Blue Ridge Turquoise
Blue Turquoise
Green Turquoise
Kingman Turquoise
Lapis Lazuli
#8 Turquoise
Royston Turquoise
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Spiny Oyster Shell
White Buffalo Turquoise