Tommy And Rose Singer Turquoise 12 Karat Gold Filled And Sterling Silver Water Wave Navajo Post Earrings RX100985



Sterling silver, real Turquoise, and 12 Karat Gold Filled.


Post earrings measure approximately 1-5/8" long and 1" at widest point.


This is a very exquisite pair of earrings that must not be overlooked! This piece of Native American jewelry is Navajo overlay hand crafted by artist Thomas (Tommy) and Rose Singer, out of genuine sterling silver, real Turquoise stones, and 12 Karat Gold Filled. Overlay is a process that utilizes at least two layers of sterling silver or 12KGF. One layer forms the foundation, while the second layer is used to design the individual detailed overlay. This pair of earrings has a total of TWO stones (ONE in each earring) that are delicately placed in hand cut bezel settings, while the second layer forms beautiful 12KGF water wave designs and border patterns for a stunning finish. In Native American beliefs, the water waves design represents continuous life. The pair of earrings are stamped sterling and hallmarked by the artist.

Turquoise is the birthstone of December. It is believed that turquoise tends to bring good fortune, strength and helps overcome illness. Turquoise got its name from the Levantine traders called Turks who brought the stone to Europe from Persia via Turkey centuries ago. Native Americans have prized turquoise since the time of the Aztecs, who mined it in New Mexico. The natural variations that occur in turquoise are part of its appeal and beauty. 

12KGF is as good as gold; it will never fade, change, or wear off color. It is 12K gold on top of brass and other metals, which create a gold tone with a finish all the way through, same behavior as gold.

World famous artist Tommy (Thomas) Singer is one of the best Native American Indian silversmiths around. His name and his work are easily recognized and associated with Navajo Jewelry. Tommy Singer has been mentioned in many books, magazines, and news articles throughout his life. He was born in 1938 in Winslow, Arizona. Tommy belongs to the Tall House Clan of the Navajo Tribe. Tommy was taught by his father and started working with jewelry in the early 1960's.

SKU RX100985
Material Details Sterling silver, real Turquoise, and 12 Karat Gold Filled.
Measurements and Info Post earrings measure approximately 1-5/8" long and 1" at widest point.
Stamped By Artist, Sterling
Categories Earrings
Artist Thomas (Tommy) and Rose Singer
Tribe Navajo
Earring Style Post
Setting Type Single Stone, Overlay
Number Of Stones Two
Item Color Blue
Item Color Primary Turquoise
Item Color Secondary 12 Karat Gold Filled
Animal or Symbol Water Wave

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