To the South of Battle Mountain in Lander County, Nevada there sits the highly respected Blue Gem Turquoise Mine. Originally opened in 1934 and now no longer available, this large mine produced a wide variety of turquoise in a plethora of colors ranging from a distinct crystal blue to a fine emerald green spectrum. The mine's stones were particularly valued for their hardness and quality. The glassy and translucent glow, combined with the occasional spec of pyrite found in quality Blue Gem turquoise jewelry remains a very sought after element by professional collectors.


The Mine

The plans for this turquoise mine do not call for any further production. However, the remains of turquoise have been depleted with increased gold ore mining. As a result, the turquoise remaining in mine is a relative afterthought in favor of these other precious metals at the moment. The mine may have life remaining in regards to copper or gold mining, but it seems apparent that its turquoise days are over. This means there is a limited quantity of Blue Gem turquoise jewelry to be found. Due to its outstanding quality and increasing scarcity, this type of turquoise jewelry is highly valued and rarity.


The Stone Today

These gems were not only valued by collectors. The radiant blue color of this turquoise has made it a cherished commodity among both Zuni inlay and masterfully handcrafted Navajo silver work, because of the quality, hardness, and fine colors; these gems were ideal for making beautiful works of artistic pieces.

A perfect blend of nature and human ingenuity, the mine and these beautiful gems within were carved out through an extensive underground tunnel system stretching hundreds of feet. Nearly a hundred years of mining history is here for you to enjoy. Now you have the opportunity to invest in quality pieces from a mine that produces so few, but so beautiful gems today.