Number 8 Turquoise jewelry is a highly prized stone and is used in all types of traditional, contemporary, and Native American jewelry. It is valued for its trademark spider-web matrix with various shades of gold, black, and brown lines that lace through its unique powder blue stone. The Number 8 Turquoise mine has long been depleted since 1961 and with limited reserves of this stone in existence, Number 8 turquoise jewelry is one of the most valuable and appreciated stones by collectors.



Formed within its host rocks of quartz, chert, and shale, the Number 8 Turquoise Mine provided a consistent amount of valuable large nuggets in its years of production. Located west of the Tuscarora Range in the Lynn Mining District in Nevada, the stones from the Number 8 mine consistently display a beautiful light-blue color with an attractive spider-web matrix.


The Mine

From 1925 to 1929, the Number 8 mine churned out a vast amount of nodular formed turquoise. While this particular deposit's turquoise depleted, the owners of the mine, the Edgar brothers, discovered another deposit of beautiful turquoise containing a spider-web matrix. The Number 8 Turquoise Mine yielded possibly one of the largest nodules known to man, a 150-pound behemoth of turquoise. With less than 10% of this stone in quality form, a high value is placed on these gems. In 1950 a family of miners, the Edgars, searched through the deposit with a bulldozer in an attempt to find copper. They didn't find any copper but what they did find was a largest deposit of the now famous spider-web turquoise that had ever been discovered in the state of Nevada.


The Stone Today

Since its depletion, pieces from this mine have been widely sought after by collectors and artisans to make beautiful turquoise jewelry. Due to the limited number of pieces circulating the market and the cease of turquoise mining in this deposit, this is one of the most valuable turquoise stones someone could have in their collection.