Whether purchased or inherited, turquoise jewelry is an ever-rising investment. To safeguard this gem, it is important to understand how to properly care for it and how to store it safely. Without the proper care, turquoise stones can become discolored and even potentially damaged. To prevent any harm to your turquoise jewelry, please read the top ten list below so you can protect your jewelry and preserve it for future wear.


Top Ten Tips for Turquoise Jewelry Care



Store turquoise separately from harder gemstones. Storing them together can cause the harder gemstone to scratch turquoise.


Apply cosmetics and perfume before wearing turquoise jewelry. The chemicals in beauty products and perfumes can discolor the stone.


Protect jewelry from prolonged sun exposure and extreme temperatures.


Remove jewelry before performing any household tasks such as gardening or cleaning. Both strenuous activity and the use of chemicals can cause damage to turquoise jewelry.


Do not use commercial jewelry cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners to clean Turquoise jewelry. These can damage and discolor the Turquoise.


Use a soft brush and water to clean the stone. Follow this up with a soft towel to dry.


Do not submerge Turquoise in water, if this occurs, dry using a soft towel.


Contrary to popular opinion, using even mild soap or other cleaning agents can damage the stone.


To prevent silver tarnishing, place jewelry in a sealable plastic bag. For added protection, include an anti-tarnish slip.



To remove any tarnish that does develop, rub clean with a jewelry polishing cloth