The Royston Turquoise Mine has traditionally produced stones that range from light to dark blue with some green highlights. This stone is particularly unique in that its design is melded perfectly with a swirling infusion of dark-yellow and brown minerals mixed into the deposits. The finest stones for this variation of turquoise jewelry come from the Royston District. This mine also produces some of the highest quality turquoise in the world in general. Jewelry from this iconic Nevada mine is a must for every turquoise jewelry collector. The contrast between the glowing blue and the yellowish-brown coloration makes for some of the most striking and hauntingly beautiful pieces of jewelry on the market today.



Stones from the famous Royston turquoise mine in Nevada have long been coveted for their rare mix of both blue and green turquoise, ranging in shades from soft sky blue to striking emerald. Consisting of four mines - the Royal Blue, Easter Blue, Bunker Hill, and Oscar Wehrend mines - the Royston district has produced a large quantity of stones for turquoise jewelry, and continues that tradition to this day.


The Stone Today

Since 1958, the Royston Turquoise mine has been in control of the Otteson families. The primary use for the mine today is for the cultivation of this unique stone for artisans and jewelry makers to create beautiful artistic pieces from the unique colors that come from Royston Turquoise. The reason these gems are sought after by crafters around the world is that the colors of this stone often meld together in the same stone which creates some of the most beautiful and unique piece in turquoise jewelry.