Green turquoise can come in a wide variety of hues, ranging from bright green, to ocean green, to forest green and to all sorts of wonderful blue-green shades. A few pieces of green turquoise jewelry can add a wonderful dimension of organic beauty to anyone's collection.

Green turquoise jewelry is highly sought after due to the rarity of the source stone, and it can be only found in a few areas around the world. Some of the most prominent deposits for this gem can be found in Mongolia and Egypt. However, these deposits have been known to appear more blue than green. China has some of the best deposits. Proceed with caution though; people try to take advantage of this information by enhancing less valuable turquoise and passing it off as if they were from these pure deposits. One of the largest producers of green turquoise today is the United States. Mainly along the Southwest, it's very popular for handcrafted inlay work in Native American jewelry.



Green turquoise has been coveted for its use in jewelry for thousands of years due to its beauty and spiritual properties; has been particularly prized throughout Native American cultures. Green turquoise is formed by the presence of iron in Mother Nature's complex process that forms turquoise over millions of years.


The Stone Today

Due to their rarity, green turquoise jewelry is in high demand by artisans and collectors alike. There has been a drastic depletion of this stone since the major demand for them in the early 1990s. As a result, many people are investing in these stones, knowing that they'll only increase in value as they become more and more scarce throughout the world. Not only are these gems monetarily valuable, but they have been thought to possess protective and spiritual properties for thousands of years. The ancient Tibetans believed that turquoise carried strong healing powers. Whether it's a sound investment in a vastly depleting precious stone, or a way to embrace the Spiritual World, these gems are a breathtaking centerpiece for artistic jewelry pieces.