Turquoise from the Blue Ridge Mine is highly prized by collectors and high-end jewelry crafters for its rare mix of striking blue and vivid green stones. The latter of which is often referred to as Orvil Jack turquoise, after the original miner who discovered these entrancing turquoise deposits.

Positioned near Crescent Valley and Gold Acres in Nevada, the Blue Ridge Mine produces only a rare amount of blue and yellowish green turquoise. Due to the presence of zinc, this mine remains one of the most unique deposits for its variety of color.


The Stone Today

Today, these beautiful green turquoise gems are collected and desired by the top Orvil Jack turquoise crafters in the world. The color range offered by the mine goes from greens and yellows to the brightest yellows and vibrant lime-green turquoise, which is the most sought after color of this spectrum. The reason for this mine's unique color variation is the high volume of zinc content in the ore, which develops and replaces minerals that would ordinarily make these gems the plain blue turquoise often seen.

This range of colors, as well as the stone's hardness and rarity, is why jewelry made from this mine's turquoise is so widely prized. Established by Orvil Jack, the stones from the Blue Ridge Turquoise Mine often bear his name, they can also be called faustite. The tradition of the mine has been passed down and is operated by his descendants, Jack's daughter Grace Jack Wintle and her husband Jay. With these two at the helm, the Blue Ridge Turquoise Mine has continued to astonish artisans and collectors with the beautifully unique coloration and quality of gems.