This stone is known to embody strength and power, both physically and spiritually. The power focuses on healing abilities for stomachs and energy levels, and is overall considered a gem for good health.


A type of quartz stone, the Aventurine is thought to inspire the wearer to become more expressive and find their true self.


The ancient fossil from trees focuses on mental healing. Depression, diseases, and negativity are what amber is said to combat.


This crystalline quartz is known for its ability to influence a calming demeanor in a person. Its aesthetic beauty is also part of its appeal for sought after jewelry.


(Lapis Linguis): This gem is known as the most powerful influencer in meditative Zen. It is said to help one tune in to their inner sense of vision, awareness, and psychic ability.

Blue Lace:

True to its name, this gem invokes feelings of calmness and ethereal peace and serenity.

Calcite, Clear:

The user of this stone is said to be gifted with amazing levels of energy, intellect, and clear thinking. It is used to bring spiritual enlightenment.


A very durable gem, the meaning behind a carnelian stone is its belief to maintain good blood, calm tempers, and increase endurance for the wearer.


The swirling lavender color in this stone defines its beauty. Its light but captivating look brings the belief that the gem enhances one’s ability to love and be loved.


This November birthstone is focused on improving mental powers such as self-discipline and inner strength.


The beautiful marine-based gem is known for its soothing powers of protection and healing. It is also known for invoking a sense of passion and strength in its owner.


Considered to be the most “patient” of all stones, garnet is believed to steadily heal relationships and create stability in life.


This man-made stone is from Italy and is mostly used to enhance the look of jewelry because of its beautiful, dazzling elements.


The wearer of this stone is believed to be able to open their inner self to a more guided, strong path through meditation.


The rich and polished look of this gem adds to the beauty of its white and black colors. Its contents are full of calcium, inspiring strong bones for the wearer.


Considered to be the “Stone of Dreams”, Jade is believed to allow the wearer to extract wisdom through their dreams.


Jasper is the “Warrior” healing stone, believed to protect its owner from negative energy and fight off evil spirits.

Lapis Lazuli:

Known as the stone of Wisdom and Fortitude, it is thought to enhance diplomatic skills by making the wearer more aware, analytical, and inquisitive.


The vibrant green of this stone is a favorite among southwestern-style jewelry. Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks especially revered this gem as a good luck charm to ward off danger.


The wearer of this stone is believed to be blessed with emotional balance along with dream recognition and psychic development.

Moss Agate:

The mossy green stone looks distinctively earthly, and is thus a healing stone. Midwives used it to sooth women through their labor and cleanse others.

Pink Mussel Shell:

This freshwater stone originated in the warm waters of Mississippi and is distinctly feminine. The soft, shimmering pink color of the stone creates a warm and pleasant feeling.


The powerful looking gem possesses the ability to bring out huge potential from the wearer. It also has a calmer side, believed to help the wearer better understand themselves.


Also known as the gem of “Superior Serenity”, Onyx is said to repel negative emotions and energy for the wearer.


The uniquely colored gem that is Opal is said to enhance self-consciousness and through that, awaken mystical qualities that were dormant in the wearer.


A commonly known gem, the pearl is believed to inspire serenity and emotional balance. The purity of the gem is treasured for its unique development process.


Another healing stone, Peridot is believed to purify the body after physical damage. It is also said to enhance clarity in the wearer’s thoughts to create clearer images.


A strong healing gem, Picasso is thought to heal the spirit through reducing anxiety and physically healing digestion and blood problems.


A type of tiger-eye gem, this stone shares the same beautiful patterns. The mineral in this stone can actually be used to stimulate various endocrine glands. In addition, the wearer can receive better regulated blood pressure and overall bodily health.


The popular gem is thought to work in healing the mind, body, and spirit through psychic energy. It is considered one of the most mystical stones with multiple qualities to help the wearer.


A rosey hued gem, this stone strengthens the wearer’s sense of identity. It does this through healing emotional trauma and balancing love within the body.


The meek pale pink stone is believed to possess the power to make one realize their full potential and increase confidence. As a balance, it also inspires compassion in the wearer. 

Rose Quartz:

The softly colored stone fits its belief of helping the wearer find love for themselves and the people around them. It creates a calming but compassionate feeling.


The bright color of the ruby gem reflects the belief that it is a very powerful source of energy. It is an invigorator of positive emotions and creativity for the owner.


Though generally worn just for its beautiful color, sapphire is thought to increase one’s intuition senses and communication abilities. It also possesses Zen qualities to create a feeling of confidence in the wearer.

Smokey Quartz:

This gem is worn by those seeking to dispel fear, negative energy, and emotional issues to create an overall sense of serenity and strength.


One who wears this violet gem is said to be able to understand their ultimate destiny and reach it through spiritual balance. It is a strong meditation stone.

Tiger Eye:

The gorgeous golden streaked highlights of this gem is extracted from mountain crevices. Like its animal namesake, it is thought to make the wearer full of courage and feel level-headed in their decisions and actions.


Though generally worn for its beauty, topaz is said to be a mystical gem that increases wisdom in the wearer.


Easily the most revered gem, turquoise is believed to bring great fortune in strength and mind, along with keeping illness away from the wearer. It is most popularly used in jewelry for both its mystical powers and varied beauty.


A soft colored stone, it brings balanced qualities to the wearer. Love, creativity, and emotional stability are all areas of focus for the unakite stone.

Sterling Silver:

While not a gem, this metal is commonly used alongside gem jewelry. It can last for years with proper care, and is a sturdy and durable metal that does not harm the gems it encases.


The beauty of gold has a long history of being sought after and used as trade, jewelry, and even as a mystical healer. It is another metal that is excellent for maintaining gem quality in jewelry.

12 Karat Gold Filled:

This metal is truly a beauty. The color will never fade, wear off, or change because of its creation through brass and other strong minerals. Though the metal is generally used to create gorgeous jewelry, it is also thought to relieve the wearer of depression and other negative emotions.